Svetlana Osobik - artist from Poltava, a city in central Ukraine, one of those artists who even living and working abroad, keeps her Ukrainian roots. She lives in Dubai since 1994 and her paintings belong to the private collections in Dubai and London. A graduate of the prestigious Lviv Academy of arts and crafts, she is gifted in many ways. In full possession of the various methods and techniques, such as carpet weaving, painting on porcelain and silk, she finds painting her main vocation.


Artist's works become a natural fusion of genres. Energy and life force, the use of narrative line, decorativeness and unmatched thoroughness originate from the folk art. Special relationship to the portrait, which attracts viewer's attention and introduces to her world, is born of her great interest in figurative art.


Her artworks become the narrative of civilization’s development, where the dramatic characters and pages of human history join mythical characters in remarkably detailed landscapes. Her paintings sometimes appear as reminiscences of the past, sometimes as visual scenes of human subconscious and mystical fantasies. They represent unique synthesis of mythology, religion and anthropology.


For the last years, one piece of canvas is insufficient for expression of artist’s ideas and her work realized in a series of pictures within common theme. The most prominent is Nostalgia - 12 large canvases devoted to the great past of forgotten civilizations. Now, her deep emotional and spiritual connection to native land has resulted in a series of pictures dedicated to Ukraine. The viewer has an opportunity to meet famous characters of Ukrainian literature and mythology, to explore the fabulous trails and roots of the culture and to penetrate the depths of the unconscious of Ukrainians and the artist herself.

Elena Bensbaa.